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    Say Again? seeks to explore consequential engagement with NPCs through a focus on meaningful conversation, robust ambience and palpable characterization. Taking place over dinner in the family's somber dining room, Say Again? unapologetically embeds the player into the lives of Mom, Dad, and Alex and leaves them the agency to discover, dismiss, or fuel the chaos held clumsily under wraps in this familial dynamic. 

Install instructions

Extract, run installer.bat, and double click exe.

- TeamBabbleFish


SayAgainGame.zip 16 MB


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haha i love this its a funny game but drama is real and reminds me off my problems with my family and stupid bi*ch mom didnt mean to swear but srsly i hate her lol. nyway i like it alot can u please make a iphone version thanks

Sounded interesting, but I couldn't play it because there seems to be something wrong with the proportions. Lower half of the screen is cut off, so I can't really read anything or see the choices offered :(